Saturday, January 14, 2012

Discovery Bottles

Discovery Bottles
My students love Discovery Bottles! I found this wonderful idea on Pinterest! Currently my students use the Vocabulary Bottles for Science, Social Studies, and Math. I have a bottle for each of our six week vocabulary words for each subject. I print the words on cardstock and fill each bottle with noodles, sand, salt, beans, or whatever else I have laying around the house. I also put identifiers in each bottle so I know what each bottle contains. For example, in the Social Studes bottle I put in Red, White, and Blue Confetti. In the Science bottle I put in glitter and in the Math bottle I usually put in a number generator cute and a few pattern blocks.

I also created a Tornado Discovery Bottle, a Buoyancy Bottle with a packet of Ketchup, and a Ocean Discovery Bottle. Students enjoy shaking and discovering the magic in these bottles.

There are several ways to use Discovery Bottles in classrooms. How do you use discovery bottles in your classroom?

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