Saturday, January 14, 2012

Extra Time Board

Extra Time Board-A Wonderful Tool for teaching multiple subjects!

My Extra Time Board-Math, Science and Social Studies
I love using an Extra Time Board with my students. When I use an extra time board in my classroom I never hear, " Mrs. Manning, I am done, now what do I do?" Here is how it works--Every week I update my Extra Time Board. New assignments and activities go up on Monday and they are due on Friday. In my #1 position, I generally have a review Math assignment that is a review of a previous learned concept. In positions #2 and #3 I put our Science and Social Studies Assignments. These assignments could include a weekly reading, computer activity, or worksheet. In position #4, I have my "Bored Board" posted. After finishing the three extra assignments for the week, students should be rewarded with a fun activity that they can choose. I have several independent and partner activities on my Bored Board.

I have found that my students really like my Extra Time Bored. Students know what is expected of them to do that week, and they are motivated to do this work so they can reach the fun activities for the week.

How would you use a Extra Time Board in your classroom?