Sunday, January 15, 2012

Factice Practice

Factice Practice

Factice Practice- A play on words- My students know that when they see 'Factice Practice' we will be practicing our facts in some fun way!

Primary- Factice Practice- Practice Bracelets and Factice Practice Concept Bags

Factice Practice Concept Bag Workmat

Factice Practice Bracelets- This is great for Primary Grades- Students practice making facts. These can me made with 10 or more beads to give your students practice with their facts up to 10, 12, or any amount of beads you want to use. I used pipe cleaners and beads to make the bracelets shown.

Factice Practice Concept Bags- These concept bags are Ziploc bags with a line drawn down the middle to separate the addends. Students mix around the counters, coins, beads, or any item placed in the bag to make different facts. From this the students use the Factice Practice Concept Bags Workmat to create and share their different facts. This idea can be used in many ways and at many different levels.

Factice Practice Counting On Flashcards

How would you use these in your classroom?

Factice Practice Counting On Flash Cards- Primary- These cards are great to have students count on or count back to figure out their facts. From this, students can then choose to learn and use Number TouchPoints!

Happy Factice Practice!!