Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Staff Development

It's been a great summer of Summer Staff Development! I was fortunate enough to travel to Austin, Texas and attend a Math Solutions Staff Development in June and learn some great new insights on our new Texas Math TEKS! A great way to start a Summer Vacation!

I also had the privilege of attending a Creative Mathematics Work Shop with Kim Sutton! It was fantastic! I am really excited to incorporate all this new knowledge into the upcoming school year! 

In addition to attending great workshops this summer I have also been presenting with some great math experts this summer! It's been great collaborating with co-presenters, as well as presentation attendees on the topics of Mathematics, Gifted and Talented Projects and Insights,  Math Problem Solving, and Math Comprehension/Journaling!  Only 9 more days of presenting!! 
Pictures from Kim Sutton Math Camp-So Resourceful!!