Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Financial Literacy Freebies!!

Have you looked thoroughly at our New Revised Math TEKS? If so, I am sure you have noticed a new strand called Financial Literacy. Our new Financial Literacy TEKS are brand new, cover new vocabulary, and concepts our students may not have had any experiences with a real life. Some new vocabulary words your students may be required to know, include: benefits, budget, costs, goods, income, opportunity cost, plan, saving, services, and wants.

Did you know that the United States has twelve Federal Reserve Districts in the USA? 
Did you know that each Federal Reserve District has one Federal Reserve Bank? 
Each bank has resources for Financial Literacy! The websites include PDFs that you can download and each bank has one item they will send to your classroom for FREE!!! I have found a fewbut I am still searching for the other missing items. I will update this post as I find more Free Resources! If you stumble upon a freebie, please share! 
Did you find a great lesson from a Federal Reserve Bank? If so, please share! 

Federal Reserve Banks/Districts

New York--Discontinued

Boston-- Interactive Econ Games
               Educational Publications

Philadelphia-- Resources for Teachers



St Louis:  Piggy Bank Primer Workbooks and Teacher Guide    
                 Econ Low Down: Click-Teach-Engage
                 Once Upon a Decision Picture Book

Minneapolis-- Teaching Aides

I hope these resources are beneficial to you and your class! If you have one to share, please comment!