Sunday, November 9, 2014

How can I use attendance to help my students with number sense?

As teachers, I am sure we can all agree that numbers are everywhere! Most of our daily tasks include numbers: paying for a coffee, change received, recipes, taking attendance, averaging class averages, etc, I am sure you understand. Have you ever thought about using parts of your day to teach your students number sense? I was reminded of this, by a fellow blogger when she posted a picture from Pinterest about using your daily task of taking attendance and how it can impact your class everyday.

When I was in the classroom this is the chart I would use to show how many students were in my class that day. I also incorporated the idea of 100% because that was our daily goal! It helped to let my students know that I had an expectation for attendance, and that it was 100% daily!  Here is the chart and workmat I used daily. I would of course start the year by filling out, but later in the year, it became another student job.

My students really enjoyed this procedure, but yesterday I was intrigued on how this could be taken a step further. Why not have the students fill in a ten frame as they walk through the door so there would be a visual of our daily classroom attendance? This could be done with a simple ten frame. This chart could be laminated and students could add different materials to represent themselves in class. For example: magnets, stickers, Velcro coin, clipart pictures, individual student pictures, counter, thumbprint, etc. 
Other ideas could include a class graph or Yes/No chart simplified to Present/Absent for data analysis. Students could build an array to show who is in class and who is also absent, taking in consideration remainders, odd and even numbers in creating arrays in different ways. This could also be taken deeper, and have girls and boys have different colored counters, magnets, etc.

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