Sunday, February 15, 2015

Decomposing Numbers in K-1

In looking at our new Revised Math TEKS you can find the word decompse in every grade level! This is a vocabulary word some kids may have never heard, but they have decomposed numbers, shapes, and fractions-we just didn't put a name on the task! Here is a great activity that can be used with several types of manipulatives and grade levels. All you need is the square sized scrapbook paper with different patterns. The example below was created during the Christmas holiday.
I used three different sheets and created a board for the students to roll a set number of manipulatives on to show the decomposition. 
 Here is an example where a student tossed 12 counters and now the number is decomposed into three parts. The number sentence 4+2+6=12 could be recorded and the counters can be tossed again, and the new number sentence recorded. Just a note, remember to start small! This is a concept that needs to be built upon. Happy Decomposing!