Sunday, April 12, 2015

Problem Solving Notebooks

Do your students use Math Notebooks? If not, you may want to consider trying Math Notebooks! I have found that students take ownership when the use and work with a math notebook and it becomes a prized possession by the end of the year. Math Notebooks also enable your students to know the expectations of your class, as well as the math expectations you have in your classroom. I also mare sure that students have a goal setting section and an area to track their own math data! 
Here are a few ideas I have created that are aligned with the New Texas Math SEs. I offer Staff Developments for this notebook throughout the year, so check for updates! 

This is the inside cover of my Math Problem Solving Journal. It sets the expectations for the Notebook. 

This is the first page of my Math Problem Solving Journal. It sets the classroom expectations, which the students sign.  This page is also our goal page. Students can choose the goals they set, and the goals are always addressed and revisited.