Monday, October 12, 2015

Anchoring New Ideas.....Math Anchor Charts

Teachers are loving how Anchor Charts really help our students by anchoring new ideas and using past anchor charts to key in on prior knowledge.  Here are a few charts I have seen on my campus! Amazing Ideas shared here indeed!

An Interactive Math Anchor Chart on Composing and Decomposing Anchor Charts

An Interactive Math Anchor Chart on Rounding Whole Numbers to the given Place Value

A Wonderful Interactive Anchor Chart on Decomposing and Composing Fractions using Fraction Sttips

Place Value Anchor Chart-Beautiful!

Tenths and Hundredths Anchor Chart- Check out ALL the Relationships

Have past anchor charts on hand for students to use during review workstations! This amazing teacher has her anchor charts color coded for her different subjects. Orange- Math, Blue- Social Studies, and Green- Science

Students can use these at any time to re-anchor their thoughts and ideas during review.