Monday, October 12, 2015

Making Math Sense Come Alive through Collaboration and Professional Development

JUNE 2015
 This summer I had several opportunities to lead Math Professional Developments for my District. This six-hour book study was one of my favorites. It was great to be able to start with the foundation, What is Math? And move on to, with collaboration, how we can improve or math instruction just by shifting our mindset. 
 Each group prepared an anchor chart after reflecting and collaborating with their colleagues. This was a great session for all!
 Tools! Tools! Tools! We can improve our math instruction with the help of tools. As you can see in this sessions we used and manipulated several math tools that will only enhance our math instruction. Receipt Paper- Perfect for number lines or open numberlines, literature to make connections through reading picture books, matching cards, and word wall cards. 

Here are some shared ideas on how we can facilitate quality mathematical thinking from our students.

Providing written feedback is crucial, yet often forgotten.

Using what they know to find out what students do not know. A great concept in problem solving.

I love using goal setting with my students. I would have class goals and students also had individual goals. I was able to make connections and valuable relationships with my students when we would conference about our class goals, and their individual goals. In knowing their goals, I could help my students in various ways. Of course students had to come up with math goals; however, I also required students to have goals in other subjects or parts of their day. A few included: attendance, behavior, science, social studies, etc. 

Happy Teaching! Every Minute Counts!