Monday, October 12, 2015

Math Workstations- Summer PD

JULY 2015                                   Math Workstations- Summer PD Fun

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Visuals! Visuals are key when doing Math Workstations. Many variations for number lines are shown here and used during workstations. I also make sure to have past anchor charts up for students to use during their workstation time as a reference while working with a partner or a team during workstations. 

Literature- Children's Picture Books are great to use when doing Math Workstations. The books can be used as a reference or as your lesson main idea. There are many books that can be used to enhance math learning. 

Activities need to be included in your Math Workstations on a daily basis.

These are acronyms for names of groups that can be used to separate your math groups. There are many ideas that can be used with your students. 



Keep it all organized!

Teachers enjoyed have a few minutes to create a number bond for instruction. All you need is a sentence strip and colored paper. Have it laminated and you will have a great tool you can use for years. If possible, make one for each of your students to use or a set to use at workstations. 

Place Value Bulls Eyes- Teachers loved creating their Bulls Eyes and collaborating different ways to use these tools.