Monday, October 12, 2015

Open Number lines= Receipt Paper

JUNE 2015                                     Open Number lines using receipt paper

I have been using receipt paper for about two years now to create number lines, open number lines, and non-standard rulers. Students love using the receipt paper, but even though it can be motivating to students, some students still struggle with the concept. To help with this I have given students a string of numbers to put in order to create their open number line (as pictured at the bottom of this photo); however, I thought how I could take this even further and deeper (especially for third graders who must understand numbers between a range of numbers-according to the Texas TEKS which will prepare students for rounding). As shown in the top picture, students can be given a set of number within a range with a different colored piece of paper. This will help students see the range of numbers as well as the number in between having to be put in order from greatest to least. You could also give a number that is not in the range and have the student identify that number. 

During my Summer Professional Developments the participants and I played a lot with open number lines and how to use them for adding and subtracting. Teachers enjoyed seeing how students can understand the importance of composing and decomposing numbers by using open number lines and challenging themselves as well.