Monday, October 12, 2015

Word Walls Cards- Make them Count!

JUNE 2015                                      Word Wall Cards-Frayer Model

Don't buy word wall cards! Have your creative students create your word wall cards. I have used this as a warm up for many years and for all subjects. Students love all the activities that can be done with a simple large index card. After we finish a unit or while we are in the middle of a unit I have each student create a card that follows the Frayer Model shown below. Students can usually create more creative cards than I could ever dream of making. If there are only a few cards that need to be created have two students create a card for the same word and compare. 

After checking the cards and placing the cards on my word wall for a few days or weeks I take the cards down and create a vocabulary review game. I cut each cards into fourths (as they have already folded their card into fourths to create their card). and I mix up the cards in a cup. Then I have the students get on the floor so they can put the cards back together in card form. They love this game and it works great if you have two sets of the same cards and students can see differences and similarities. 

A few reminders: 
1. After students fold their cards in fourths advise them not to write on the lines for folded (so they are not easy to identify when cards are created into a game).
2. Have all students use the same colored pen or pencil so then the students are putting the cards back together they are not just looking at the color of the pen or pencil.
3. Have fun and good luck!