Monday, October 12, 2015

Anchoring New Ideas.....Math Anchor Charts

Teachers are loving how Anchor Charts really help our students by anchoring new ideas and using past anchor charts to key in on prior knowledge.  Here are a few charts I have seen on my campus! Amazing Ideas shared here indeed!

An Interactive Math Anchor Chart on Composing and Decomposing Anchor Charts

An Interactive Math Anchor Chart on Rounding Whole Numbers to the given Place Value

A Wonderful Interactive Anchor Chart on Decomposing and Composing Fractions using Fraction Sttips

Place Value Anchor Chart-Beautiful!

Tenths and Hundredths Anchor Chart- Check out ALL the Relationships

Have past anchor charts on hand for students to use during review workstations! This amazing teacher has her anchor charts color coded for her different subjects. Orange- Math, Blue- Social Studies, and Green- Science

Students can use these at any time to re-anchor their thoughts and ideas during review.

Students Love Partitioning Shapes to show Fractional Pieces

Second Graders love using geoboards to partition shapes to show fractional parts. 
Fair Shares
Equal Parts

Students created a pocket and were asked to create each shape given on their sheet on the geoboard. After creating the shapes, students partitioned the shapes into halves, fourths, or eights. Then they justified their answers by showing the equal parts on their shape cards. Students loved using the geoboards! 

New Math Ideas and Challenges

OCTOBER 2015                                First in Math has Started and is a Hit!

As a campus we solved 14,836 computation problems in 5 days! Students are loving
 First In Math! 
Check it out here: First In Math

BrainPOP Swag- So excited to have the opportunity to be BrainPOP Certified! Follow BrainPOP on Twitter and find out more information here: BrainPOP

New Teachers on Campus can be so inspiring with their bright and clever ideas! This teacher had her students playing subtraction bowling outside. Each team had 10 cups and one tennis ball. As each student rolled, they had to decompose 10 and write down their equations. 
Awesome First Year, First Grade Teacher!

Productive Planning and PLC


Bright Ideas are shown at Second Grade Planning and PLC
Great Job Second Grade! 
Our Second Graders are sure to know fractions with all of these quality foldables!

Fraction Fans are equally partitioned

Fraction Pizzas and Candy- Yum! Share with a friend!

Foldables for Second Grade Fractions

We Are Ready for an Amazing Year


POW (Problem of the Week) Boards are Up and Ready

Teachers are using what they learned at Summer Staff Development and using it full force!!

New Bulletin Boards are Up , Ready, and Organized!

POW Boards are Ready

Beginning of the Year Math Staff Development

AUGUST 2015                     Beginning of the Year Math Staff Development

All teachers on my campus joined in on the fun! Lots of tools and games were presented so our teachers are are ready for a great year and motivated!!

I loved how teachers worked in pairs and collaborated. Off to a great start!

New Friends, New Partners in Education

Teachers Love Digging for Dog Bones

Getting Ready for a Great Year!

AUGUST 2015                           mmPreparing for the Best Year Ever!